Edmonton – Aqua Driving Range Near Me

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Golf Practice - Waterside!

Cattail Crossing Golf and Winter Club is one of the only Edmonton area golf courses to offer the unique experience of the Aqua Range. Now you can experience the intrigue and challenge of floating target practice during your range time.

We offer daytime access to the aqua range. In the daytime, you get to enjoy the serenity of the water.

Looking For A Driving Range Near You?

Do you live in or near North Edmonton? Then come experience some world-class golfing! 

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Aqua Range Guidelines

  • Keep all garbage away from the water’s edge
  • Please stay out of the water
  • Do not hit anything other than floating balls into the water

Aqua drive ranges have made the experience of golf much more enjoyable. An aqua driving range consists of a body of water, instead of land to hit the ball on. You can easily export your skill with the help of the best golf driving ranges. You may visit nearby driving ranges just to have a different experience. In the aqua driving range, targets have been set at different places in the lake where you have to hit the ball. In case you are on a hunt to find driving ranges nearby you need to know some of the benefits that you could avail of by choosing us.