Ladies League Golf Near Me

Ladies League Golf Near Me

Why men should have all the fun? With the Men’s league golf available everywhere in Edmonton finding women’s golf course near me can be a challenge. But now your search for ladies league golf near me is over.

The Cattail Crossing Golf & Winter Club brings an amazing chance for ladies to experiences the fun of golf this summer with the other competent women of your expertise level.

Our Ladies golf league 2021 is a 12 week, 9 holes game that is held on every Wednesday of the week. This is a great chance for every golf lover to upgrade their golf skills and establish good networking connections with other like-minded women. In this article, we have covered all the aspects to clear out what you are getting yourself into.

FAQs about Ladies Golf Leagues

Q) Is this league for the pro golfers only?

Women of all skills are welcomed at Cattail Crossing Golf & Winter Club. We accommodate everyone based on their skills. The team’s are made based on the player’s expertise level so everyone can find someone to compete with as per their skills. Our only motive is for ladies to have fun and learn some new skills in the process as well.

Q) What is the procedure of this Canadian females golf leagues?

You will have to book your tee time prior to the game. Once the slot is booked on the day of the game you are supposed to come earlier than the given time. If the time is 4:30 then you have to available at your course at this time. Pay at the clubhouse for your club round and then you are ready to enjoy the game.

Q) Is there any fixed limit that I have to play?

You can play as much as you like. Some prefer to play every week, some come by twice or thrice the month, and some drip by when they feel like playing it. It’s up to you with no restrictions and limitations.

Q) What to do if I do not have Golf clubs?

We offer golf clubs for lessons and practices and can provide you with temporary golf clubs available at our Club House.

Q) What age group and background do the ladies are usually from?

The age group varies from around 28 to the late seventies. Ladies from every walk of life, age, status come to enjoy this relaxing game every week. These women may include working moms, businesswomen, adventurous ones, playing for leisure, working ladies, retired, semi-retired, etc. I am completely new to this field.

Q) How will it work?

Our idea is to provide the opportunity to the women to help fulfill their dream of becoming good golfer. We can start from a beginner’s level. We will accommodate you with temporary clubs and you can buy them for yourself later once you get the grip on the game. We can also recommend you with the suitable and best equipment for you.

So stop looking for Women’s golf leagues near me and contact Cattail Crossing Golf & Winter Club to learn more: Phone: 780-973-6686

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Ladies League Golf Near Me
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