Off Leash Dog Park

Dog in winter forest

All New Dog Park!

Cattail Crossing Golf & Winter Club welcomes you and your dog to our new dog park! Located at (insert address here) we are just a 5-minute drive from the Anthony Henday! Our dog park is off-leash [of course you may walk your dog on a leash if you prefer] and welcomes all k-9s to come by!

Cross Country Skiing!

Dogs are welcomed on our cross country skiing trails [if you are cross country skiing] just remember to keep the trails clean for all riders! Our park has limited fencing so please make sure your furry friend has decent responses to commands!

Senior couple cross-country skiing.
Senior couple cross-country skiing.
Dog Border Collie on a walk in winter

Don't worry, it is next to impossible for your dog to leave the grounds unattended! Our hours are Tuesday-Thursday 9 am-11 pm & Friday-Sunday and Holidays 8 am-11 pm. We have some areas lit up around the skating rink & pond hockey rink!

Gift your pet a healthy life

We hope to see you come by soon! If you have any questions please email!