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The most effective developmental programs and technology to improve anyone’s golf game, regardless of age or experience.

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What is Operation 36?

Op36 clinics offer a clear roadmap for junior golfers to progress from novice to a par player.
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While targeting beginning golfers, Op36 also helps seasoned golf enthusiasts master their game.

Imagine the results your golf game could experience by combining Operation 360, our virtual golf simulator, and our resident Canada PGA Pro!

Let us help you take your game to a new level!

How Operation 36 Works

At Cattails Crossing, we use the Op36 program to develop your golf game at a pace that works for you.

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Hands-On Course Time

No matter your skill level,
you play 9 holes right away.

Play and Track Your Progress

The Op 36 mobile app is a fun and easy way to guide your progress!

Develop Your Skills

Learn with others of the same skill level in a supportive environment.

Weekly lessons are conducted in a fun and social group setting, motivating students to encourage each other while striving to achieve their personal best.

Each golfer in the program receives a training profile in the cutting-edge Op36 app, allowing students to track their progress and communicate with their coach. It also allows our staff to organize events for the program and offers parents an opportunity to follow their child’s progress.

The Operation 36 program can be integrated with existing coaching programs for our junior members, where coaches record scores and track your progress using the app.

Junior members also benefit by sharing sessions with coaches to help guide and report on their yearly golf development. The Op36 program allows our coaches to able to better project where a junior handicap will be by the time they graduate high school.

Start YourJourney to Shooting Even Par (36) or Better Today!

Programs that leverage the Operation 36 development model are accelerating the way beginners learn to play golf. Don’t have junior golf clubs?  No problem.  We can supply junior golf clubs for you.

Inquire with our Pro Shop to learn what options are available for your family and to field any questions you might have about the program. 

Limited Range Balls Available Due To Low Water Levels On The Aqua Driving Range