Check Out Our Golf Club in Sturgeon County

Cattail Crossing Golf & Winter Club has everything you would expect from a golf club and more. Our central focus is our stunning, challenging golf courses and golf events. However, we also feature a restaurant, event venue, and other amenities that make our golf club the intelligent choice. We build our golf courses on beautiful grounds with well-kept landscaping that keeps your golf game exciting and challenging. We take great pride in providing our members and guests with the best experience possible.

Enjoy a Day of Golf

We’re known for our world-class golf courses that challenge golfers of all skill levels. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing game of golf with your friends or you’d prefer to join one of our golf tournaments in Sturgeon County, you’re sure to enjoy our beautifully-designed golf courses. In addition to tournaments, we also offer golf lessons, night golf, and a kids’ golf club to cater to golfers looking for something fun to do or who need a little help with their golf game.

Book Your Wedding or Event

Whether you need a wedding venue for your special day or are hosting an event that requires an expansive event venue, you’ll find just what you need at our golf club in Sturgeon County. Bookings are open to both members and non-members, allowing you to host your event or wedding at our beautiful facilities. Booking the venue allows you to work with our events coordinator to ensure proper planning, buffet-style catering, auditory setup, help with setup and clean-up, and much more. We’ll make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Contact us today to discuss our golf club and event venue!